Fees for Services to Cases under the UNCITRAL Rules

ICSID provides a cost-effective and transparent fee structure. The Centre does not require a lodging fee for cases under the UNCITRAL or other non-ICSID Rules. 

ICSID charges a flat annual fee of US$52,000 (shared between the parties) for its full administrative services (an overview of ICSID case administration services is provided here). 

ICSID is also able to provide more specific services as required by the parties and tribunal. The most common are serving as appointing authority and providing support to hearings. 

Appointing authority: A fee of US$10,000 is charged per requested appointment or determination of a challenge. Note that this fee is waived if parties opt for ICSID’s full administrative service. 

Hearing facilities: ICSID’s hearing facility in Washington, D.C. is available to parties in non-ICSID investor-State cases at competitive daily rates. This includes organizing access to top-tier court reporters, interpreters, and translators. ICSID also has extensive experience in organizing remote hearings.