Member States

There are significant advantages to becoming a member of ICSID.  Member States and their nationals obtain access to investment dispute settlement under the ICSID Convention and the Additional Facility, as well as to the facilities and expert services of the Secretariat. As Members, States participate in ICSID through their representation on the Administrative Council.  They may also nominate persons for the ICSID Panels of Arbitrators and of Conciliators and make designations and notifications for the purposes of the ICSID Convention.

ICSID maintains a comprehensive database of ICSID Member States, which includes the designations and notifications made by each of them under the ICSID Convention, and their nominations to the ICSID Panels of Arbitrators and of Conciliators.

The ICSID institutional affairs team supports Member States in all matters relating to membership and the general procedure. ICSID frequently gives presentations on the ICSID process and tours of its facilities to State delegations.