Chapter II: General Functions of the Secretariat

Regulation 2: Secretary

The Secretary-General of the Centre shall appoint a Secretary for each Fact-Finding Committee (“Committee”). The Secretary may be drawn from the Secretariat and shall be considered a member of its staff while serving as a Secretary. The Secretary shall:

(a) represent the Secretary-General and may perform all functions assigned to the Secretary-General by these Regulations or the ICSID Fact-Finding Rules applicable to individual proceedings and delegated to the Secretary; and

(b) assist the parties and the Committee with the proceeding, including the expeditious and cost-effective conduct of the proceeding.

Regulation 3: The Registers

The Secretary-General shall maintain a Register for each fact-finding proceeding containing all significant data concerning the institution, conduct and disposition of the proceeding. The information in the Register shall not be published, unless the parties agree otherwise.

Regulation 4: Depositary Functions

(1) The Secretary-General shall deposit in the archives of the Centre and arrange for the permanent retention of:

(a) all Requests for fact-finding;

(b) all documents and communications filed in a proceeding;

(c) any records of meetings or sessions in a proceeding;

(d) any Report of the Committee; and

(e) any notice from the Secretary-General.

(2) Subject to the ICSID Fact-Finding Rules and the agreement of the parties to the proceeding, and upon payment of any charges required by the schedule of fees, the Secretary-General shall make certified copies of the documents referred to in paragraph (1)(c)-(e) available to the parties.

Regulation 5: Certificates of Official Travel

The Secretary-General may issue certificates of official travel to members of Committees, to persons assisting them, to members of the Secretariat, and to the parties, agents, counsel, advocates, advisors, witnesses or experts appearing in proceedings, indicating that they are traveling in connection with a proceeding pursuant to the ICSID Fact-Finding Rules.