Administrative Registry

The ICSID Secretariat is available to serve as the Administrative Registry or Secretariat for dispute settlement mechanisms under international investment agreements and broader economic cooperation agreements. These services include serving as the Secretary to ad hoc or standing Tribunals, supporting Treaty Parties with systemic issues, and providing administrative, financial, logistical, publishing and archiving support to cases under the agreement.

Examples of Roles and Services

Lead Secretariat Counsel: A senior ICSID legal counsel is available to serve as the primary contact to Tribunals and Treaty Parties. The senior counsel will support Tribunals to develop working practices that promote procedural consistency based on the provisions of the Treaty. The role would also include supporting the Treaty Parties on systemic matters. In the context of cases under the Treaty, a dedicated legal team comprised of senior legal counsel, paralegals and legal assistants will provide a wide range of procedural and administrative support to the Tribunal and disputing parties (claimants and respondents) throughout the proceeding. 

Financial Team: ICSID has a dedicated financial team. Treaty Party contributions (if relevant) and disputing party (claimant and respondent) advances are available to be held in income-bearing, World Bank accounts. ICSID is also able to manage payments to Tribunal Members and service providers from these accounts. Detailed financial statements are available to the Treaty Parties and disputing parties at any time and a final financial statement is provided at the end of each case (with any refunds due).

Hearing Facilities: ICSID offers first-class hearing facilities in Washington, D.C., and Paris, and other locations through the network of World Bank country offices. In addition, ICSID can organize video hearings and webcasting as needed.

Logistics and Technical Support: Logistics and technical support for the organization and holding of hearings is provided by ICSID’s two full-time hearings organizers and a network of translators, interpreters, transcribers, technicians and other required service-providers.

Online Publishing and Archiving: ICSID can coordinate the posting of general and case-specific procedural updates and case-related materials in accordance with the applicable rules for each case or treaty. ICSID is also available to oversee custody of the original case file and archive case documents.

Examples of ICSID Secretariat Services Provided Under Treaties

ICSID has been designated as the Secretariat to First Instance and Appeals Tribunals under the EU-Singapore Investment Protection Agreement, the EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, the EU-Mexico Trade Agreement, and EU-Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement. In this role, ICSID will perform tasks such as administering hearings, holding finances, and archiving and publishing documents in accordance with the rules of these treaties.