Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file a request for arbitration, conciliation or fact-finding?

A request and all supporting documentation should be uploaded to ICSID's document sharing platform (Box) and transmitted to the ICSID Secretariat's email account (   

A non-refundable fee, US$25,000 under the current Schedule of Fees, must be paid before or upon lodging the request.

Please contact us at for wire transfer instructions and to create a Box folder for the request.

Click here for further information, including on the contents of the request.

Where do I find information about ICSID cases?

ICSID publishes procedural information on cases in its cases database. This database is updated regularly to reflect the latest procedural developments in ICSID administered cases. With the consent of the parties to the dispute, ICSID also publishes case-related materials, such as procedural orders, decisions and awards. ICSID is unable to comment on cases or provide information beyond what is available on the Centre’s website.

ICSID also publishes the ICSID Caseload - Statistics twice a year. This report contains a profile of the ICSID caseload since the first case was registered in 1972. 

If you are a participant in an ICSID case (i.e. Tribunal/Commitee member or counsel), please contact the Tribunal Secretary for information or assistance.

Does ICSID provide legal advice?

No. As an impartial facility tasked with the administration of international investment dispute proceedings, ICSID is unable to provide legal advice on a specific claim.

How do I become an arbitrator in ICSID cases?

Most arbitrators and conciliators are appointed by the parties to the dispute. If a Tribunal is not constituted within 90 days of a notice of registration, either party may request that the Chair of the ICSID Administrative Council appoint the missing arbitrator. In making his selection, the Chair must refer to the ICSID Panel of Arbitrators. The ICSID Convention entitles each Member State to designate up to four persons to the Panel of Arbitrators, as well as another four persons to a separate Panel of Conciliators.

Click here for further information on becoming an ICSID arbitrator, including general requirements and other considerations made in the appointment process.

Can ICSID administer cases under UNCITRAL and other non-ICSID procedural rules?

Yes. ICSID provides administrative services to non-ICSID cases, such as ad-hoc proceedings under the UNCITRAL rules of arbitration, by agreement of the parties. Services may be requested either prior to the appointment of arbitrators or once the Tribunal is constituted. Click here for further information on how to request administrative services in non-ICSID cases.

ICSID also provides administrative services and facilities to parties in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms, such as mediation.

Are ICSID’s hearing facilities available in cases that are not administered by ICSID?

Yes. ICSID’s state-of-the-art hearing centre in Washington, D.C. is available at cost-effective rates. ICSID also has a wide network of service providers such as court reporters, interpreters and translators. Contact our Hearings Organization Team at to check availability and pricing.

Does ICSID host virtual hearings?

Yes. ICSID provides comprehensive services and technology for virtual hearings. The option of remote hearings is provided in ICSID administered cases, and ICSID is also available to host virtual hearings in ad-hoc proceedings under UNCITRAL and other non-ICSID sets of rules at competitive rates.

How do I attend an ICSID training course?

ICSID offers full or half-day training courses in English, French or Spanish for newcomers to the ICSID process as well as anyone desiring a comprehensive overview of the steps in an ICSID arbitration case. Please refer to our courses and events listing for upcoming opportunities.

ICSID is also available to brief government bodies and law firms on its services and projects. These briefings are tailored to the interests of the audience.

If you are interested in organizing a course or briefing with ICSID, please contact us at