The primary mandate of ICSID is to provide facilities and services to support the resolution of international investment disputes. ICSID administers cases under the ICSID Convention, the ICSID Additional Facility, and other rules such as the Arbitration Rules of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules).

Cases Database

This database covers all cases registered at ICSID. Search for cases and case-related materials by claimant, respondent, case number, applicable rules and other terms.  


Pending Cases

A complete listing of pending cases listed in chronological order from the most recently registered. 

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Concluded Cases

A complete list of concluded cases listed in chronological order from the most recently concluded. 

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Tables of Decisions

The Secretariat has developed tables of decisions in ICSID cases on various procedural and substantive topics. These tables are regularly updated and provide links to published decisions.

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Caseload Statistics

The ICSID Caseload - Statistics contains a profile of the ICSID caseload since the first case was registered in 1972.

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