ICSID Additional Facility

The ICSID Additional Facility offers arbitration and conciliation for certain disputes that fall outside the scope of the ICSID Convention. Specifically, arbitration or conciliation of investment disputes is available in situations where one—or neither—of the parties is an ICSID Member State or a national of an ICSID Member State. As such, the Additional Facility differs from arbitration and conciliation under the ICSID Convention—which requires that the parties are an ICSID Member State and a national of one.

ICSID Additional Facility Rules

The Additional Facility Rules refer to definitions, aspects of Additional Facility proceedings, and the application of the rules. The rules also state that the provisions of the ICSID Convention do not apply to the conduct of ICSID Additional Facility proceedings.

Administrative and Financial Regulations

Administrative and Financial Regulations address the procedures of the Administrative Council, the functions of the ICSID Secretariat, financial provisions, particular functions with respect to individual proceedings, and special provisions such as time limits, immunities, and official languages.

Additional Facility Arbitration Rules

The ICSID Additional Facility Arbitration Rules apply to arbitrations commenced under the ICSID Additional Facility, covering procedures from the institution to termination of proceedings. 

Additional Facility Conciliation Rules

The ICSID Additional Facility Conciliation Rules apply to conciliations commenced under the ICSID Additional Facility, covering procedures from the institution to termination of proceedings.