ICSID Review

The ICSID Review - Foreign Investment Law Journal is the world’s leading independent peer-reviewed journal specializing in international investment law and dispute resolution. Each issue includes case comments, notes and articles on the law relating to foreign investment and resolution of international investment disputes. Contributions are published in English, French and Spanish, as submitted by the author. 
The topics considered in the ICSID Review are diverse. The most recent issue of the ICSID Review addressed these topics:
Volume 34, Issue 3, Fall 2019

2018 LALIVE LECTURE The Myth of Harmony in International Arbitration 
Emmanuel Gaillard


Bridgestone v Panama: When Are Trademarks Covered Investments? 
Gabriel M Lentner
In All Probability: An Economic Reading of Damages Under Factory at Chorzów 
Jeffrey Cohen, Edi Grgeta, Federico Temerlin

Union of India v Vodafone Group plc:One Step Closer to Reconciling the Jurisdictional Competence of Domestic Courts and Investment Treaty Tribunals? 
Constantinos Salonidis, Sudhanshu Roy


Defining a State-Owned Enterprise in International Investment Agreements  
Mark McLaughlin

Amicus Curiae Participation in Investment Arbitration 
Gary Born, Stephanie Forrest

Investments in Unsettled Maritime Boundary Contexts: The Role of Bilateral Investment Treaties in Delivering Certainty  
Kathryn Khamsi

The Limitations on Article 43 ICSID Convention: An (Un)limited Instrument of the Tribunal?  
Asaf Niemoj

Return of the Inconsistent Application of the ‘Essential Security Interest’ Clause in Investment Treaty Arbitration: CC/Devas v India and Deutsche Telekom v India 
Ridhi Kabra


Arbitration Costs: Myths and Realities in Investment Treaty Arbitration 
John Y Gotanda


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