Qualifications for the Panels

The qualifications required of Panel members are in Article 14 of the ICSID Convention.  Persons nominated must be of high moral character and have recognized competence, particularly in law, but also in commerce, industry or finance.

The designees of a Member State may be of any nationality.

In addition to the criteria in the ICSID Convention, the following attributes are highly desirable for designees:

  • knowledge of and experience with international investment law;
  • knowledge of and experience with public international law;
  • experience and expertise in international arbitration or conciliation;
  • ability to conduct an arbitration or conciliation and write an arbitral award  or report in one or more of the Centre’s official languages (English, French and Spanish);
  • availability to accept appointments in cases as of the date of designation;
  • availability and willingness to travel for case proceedings.

The Centre encourages Member States to designate four qualified persons to each Panel.