Case Administration

The Centre provides full administrative services in ICSID cases, including:
  • A dedicated case team consisting of an ICSID legal counsel, paralegal, legal assistant and hearings organizer, who assist the parties and the Tribunal throughout the process. The legal counsel serves as the Secretary to the Tribunal, offering a wide range of support and expertise concerning the ICSID procedure. The Secretary is involved in all aspects of the process and assists the parties and the Tribunal at hearings.
  • A financial team that manages the finances of the case with the assistance of the Tribunal Secretary. The parties’ advances to cover the costs of the proceeding (including the arbitrators’ fees and hearing expenses) are held in a case-specific income bearing account, and ICSID handles all payments to arbitrators, service providers and others from this account. Detailed interim financial statements can be provided to the parties at any time during the proceeding. At the end of the process, ICSID provides a final financial statement to the parties including a breakdown of the fees and expenses of the Tribunal and handles any reimbursements to the parties.
  • First class hearing facilities at the World Bank offices in Washington, D.C. and Paris and other locations around the world. The cost of room rentals for ICSID-administered hearings held at any World Bank premises is included in ICSID's administrative fee. If the parties wish to hold hearings at other locations, ICSID has arrangements with institutions around the world to offer access to facilities at cost-effective rates.
  • Logistical support for the organization of hearings, sessions, telephone and video conferences and meeting rooms for the tribunal and the parties. ICSID has a wide network of experienced court reporters, translators, interpreters and other service providers and makes the appropriate arrangements, taking into account the specific requirements of each case after consulting the parties and the Tribunal.
  • Any other services tailored to the specific case at hand (e.g., depository of documents that the parties wish to make public) depending on the preferences of the parties and the Tribunal.
Non-ICSID Cases

The services rendered by the Centre in cases governed by the UNCITRAL or other rules may range from limited assistance with the organization of hearings and management of the case finances to full secretariat services in the administration of the case concerned. Parties and Tribunals are free to elect the extent of the services desired. For further information, please contact the Secretariat.

Cost-Effective Fee Structure

ICSID offers a cost-effective and transparent fee structure. The funds requested from the parties in ICSID cases to cover the costs of the proceedings are not based on the amount in dispute, but rather reflect the actual fees and reasonable expenses of a Tribunal, Conciliation Commission or ad hoc Committee, as well as the services and expenses of ICSID.