Section I

1. Resolution No. 214, adopted by the Board of Governors of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development on September 10, 1964, provides as follows: 


(a) The report of the Executive Directors on "Settlement of Investment Disputes," dated August 6, 1964, is hereby approved.

(b) The Executive Directors are requested to formulate a convention establishing facilities and procedures which would be available on a voluntary basis for the settlement of investment disputes between contracting States and Nationals of other contracting States through conciliation and arbitration.

(c) In formulating such a convention, the Executive Directors shall take into account the views of member governments and shall keep in mind the desirability of arriving at a text which could be accepted by the largest possible number of governments.

(d) The Executive Directors shall submit the text of such a convention to member governments with such recommendations as they shall deem appropriate.

2. The Executive Directors of the Bank, acting pursuant to the foregoing Resolution, have formulated a Convention on the Settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of Other States and, on March 18, 1965, approved the submission of the text of the Convention, as attached hereto, to member governments of the Bank. This action by the Executive Directors does not, of course, imply that the governments represented by the individual Executive Directors are committed to take action on the Convention.

3. The action by the Executive Directors was preceded by extensive preparatory work, details of which are given in paragraphs 6-8 below. The Executive Directors are satisfied that the Convention in the form attached hereto represents a broad consensus of the views of those governments which accept the principle of establishing by inter-governmental agreement facilities and procedures for the settlement of investment disputes which States and foreign investors wish to submit to conciliation or arbitration. They are also satisfied that the Convention constitutes a suitable framework for such facilities and procedures. Accordingly, the text of the Convention is submitted to member governments for consideration with a view to signature and ratification, acceptance or approval.

4. The Executive Directors invite attention to the provision of Article 68(2) pursuant to which the Convention will enter into force as between the Contracting States 30 days after deposit with the Bank, the depositary of the Convention, of the twentieth instrument of ratification, acceptance or approval.

5. The attached text of the Convention in the English, French and Spanish languages has been deposited in the archives of the Bank, as depositary, and is open for signature.