Investment Mediation Insights: A Conversation with Investment Mediators


Investment Mediation Insights: A Conversation with Investment Mediators

ICSID’s Investment Mediation Insights webinar series provides practical insights on the fast-growing field of international investment mediation.

This episode of Investment Mediation Insights convenes a panel of seasoned mediators with experience mediating investor-State disputes. Our panelists will share thoughts on the unique characteristics of investment mediation—i.e., how it differs from commercial mediation—as well as tips and guidance for mediating investment disputes effectively.


William (“Bill”) Marsh: Bill is one of the UK’s most experienced commercial mediators. Involved full-time in mediation since 1991, and independently rated by Chambers Directory as “…one of the greats…”, he has successfully mediated a wide cross-section of commercial disputes.

Mercedes Tarrazon: Mercedes is a Partner of Dispute Management, SL, with over twenty-five years’ experience as an arbitrator and mediator. Listed on ICSID’s panel of conciliators (2020-2026), Mercedes has been appointed several times as mediator in investor-State proceedings, including in the case of Punta Catalina Thermoelectric Power Plant project in the Dominican Republic which settled.

Martin Hauser: Martin is a certified and experienced commercial mediator offering online mediation using videoconferencing and in-person mediation sessions. He has a legal background in intellectual property, IT, licenses, distribution, competition, complex industrial projects, and international business law.

Frauke Nitschke: Frauke is a senior counsel at ICSID and serves as the team lead for one of the Centre’s case management teams. Frauke further leads ICSID’s investor-State mediation activities, including the development of the ICSID Mediation Rules, amendments to ICSID’s conciliation frameworks, and ICSID’s recent Background Paper on Investment Mediation.