How to file a Request for ICSID’s administration of an UNCITRAL Arbitration

A Request for ICSID to administer an UNCITRAL Arbitration must be:

  • written in (or translated into) one of the official languages of the Centre (English, French or Spanish);
  • dated; and
  • signed by the requesting party or its duly authorized representative. If the request is signed by a representative, it must enclose proof of the authorization, e.g., a power of attorney or a letter of engagement.

The Request should also include:

  • a description of the administrative services desired (e.g., assistance with the management of remote or in-person hearings, full secretariat services);
  • A copy of the notice of intent to arbitrate, if applicable, the notice of arbitration served on the Respondent and of any response filed by the Respondent;
  • the applicable dispute resolution clause;
  • correspondence between the parties prior to ICSID’s involvement, if the parties wish such correspondence to be part of the official record;
  • contact details for all parties to the dispute (i.e., mailing address, e-mail, telephone, fax);
  • the name and nationality of any arbitrator(s) already appointed, information on the method of appointment, and any declaration made by the arbitrator(s);
  • language (s) of the proceeding; and
  • signatures of both parties or their duly authorized representatives. A request signed by one or more representatives must enclose proof of the authorization to act, for example, a power of attorney.

The request should be sent electronically to

ICSID’s Expenses and Administrative Charges

ICSID charges an annual fee of US$26,000 per party (see the Schedule of Fees). The fee covers time spent by all members of the dedicated case team, including tasks performed by the Secretary-General as appointing authority, and the financial management of the case account.  Any fee paid by a party to request that the Secretary-General appoint an arbitrator or decide a challenge will be credited to that party's share of the administrative charge if ICSID is then engaged to administer the proceeding.  

There is no lodging fee in UNCITRAL proceedings administered by ICSID.  Nor do parties pay rental fee for the use of hearing and meeting rooms at World Bank premises. This is included in ICSID's annual administrative fee.

Room rentals for hearings held outside of the facilities of the World Bank as well as additional services such as costs of interpretation, court reporting, catering, videoconferences and courier, are not included in ICSID’s annual fee and are paid from the parties’ advances.

ICSID’s fees in cases where the parties have agreed that ICSID shall provide more limited administrative services may be obtained by contacting the ICSID Secretariat.

Administration of the Case Account

As soon as ICSID services are retained and the Tribunal is constituted, the Secretariat establishes an interest-bearing escrow account for the case. The Centre deposits advance payments from the parties in that account, processes claims for payment and invoices, and keeps the Tribunal informed of the balance.