ICSID's podcasts feature conversations with a range of influential individuals in the field of international investment law and dispute settlement. 

Investor-State Disputes: Making Mediation Mainstream

In this podcast hosted by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), James South, CEDR Managing Director, interviews Meg Kinnear, ICSID Secretary-General about the continuing progress mediation is making in the field of investor-State dispute settlement. James and Meg discuss the growing momentum around mediation, the key advantages of mediation for resolving investment disputes, and ICSID’s role in supporting the development of mediation as a viable dispute resolution tool.


Investor-State Mediation: Developments, Challenges and Opportunities

Investor-State mediation is one of the newest and most interesting frontiers in international dispute resolution. In this podcast, James South, CEDR Managing Director, and Frauke Nitschke ICSID Senior Legal Counsel, look at the framework for the development of investor-State mediation and the key factors integral to it becoming widely adopted.


Young ICSID Arbitration Stories: Episode One

In this inaugural podcast from Young ICSID, Bowon Choi and Edgar Leonardo Vivas Colmenares—both part of the 2020 ICSID internship program—spoke with Deputy-Secretary Generals Gonzalo Flores and Martina Polasek about career development, their roles at ICSID, and trends in investor-State dispute settlement.


In Conversation with Professor Yuejiao Zhang

During a recent visit to Washington, D.C. Professor Zhang met with Meg Kinnear, ICSID’s Secretary-General, for a wide-ranging conversation on trade and investment dispute settlement, the development of China's international economic legislation, and her personal mentors.