The History of the ICSID Convention

The History of the ICSID Convention is a unique source of preparatory documents concerning the origin and formulation of the ICSID Convention. It contains original texts of reports of committees, records of meetings, working papers, notes, and other documents in the three official languages of ICSID (English, French and Spanish).

The History of the ICSID Convention consists of four volumes. Volume 1 contains a brief review of the formulation of the Convention and an article-by-article historical analysis of the successive drafts of the Convention. Volumes 2, 3 and 4 contain the documents generated in English, French and Spanish by the Convention drafters.

The History of the ICSID Convention is available online in text searchable PDF format at no cost. Hard copies are available for purchase for US$250 for the set of four volumes.

To order the publication and pay by credit card, please click here. For other payment options, please contact the Secretariat.

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