The situation involving COVID-19 continues to evolve quickly and the well-being of our staff as well as all participants in ICSID cases remains our utmost priority.

The ICSID Secretariat is fully-operational from remote work-stations and coordinating with Tribunals and parties to minimize disruption to cases.

ICSID reminds users that new requests for arbitration or post-award applications may be filed electronically only (hard-copies will only be needed if requested by the other party). The same applies for a request for conciliation or fact-finding proceeding. ICSID also encourages parties and Tribunals to implement electronic-only filing of written pleadings. In situations where hard-copy filings are sent to ICSID, please ensure the Tribunal or Committee Secretary is aware in case of disruptions to mail services. 

ICSID also encourages participants in cases to stay up-to-date on country advisories, screening measures and quarantines that may affect their travel.

For queries regarding specific cases, we encourage participants to contact the Tribunal or Committee Secretary. For general queries, please contact