Investment Mediation Insights: Clarifying Common Misunderstandings about Investment Mediation

ICSID’s Investment Mediation Insights webinar series provides practical insights on the fast-growing field of international investment mediation.

Recent years have seen growing interest in the use of mediation as a tool to resolve international investment disputes. This has been accompanied by a significant body of resources, training courses, and events dedicated to the topic. But as in every emerging field, misperceptions may arise. This episode of Investment Mediation Insights looks at misunderstandings about investment mediation—and the best ways to set the record straight.


James South: James is the Chief Executive of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR).

Lawrence Boo: Lawrence is a pioneer in the development of Singapore’s dispute resolution landscape. He is closely linked to the SIAC being its first CEO and Registrar and later as Deputy Chairman.

Frauke Nitschke: Frauke is a senior counsel at ICSID and serves as the team lead for one of the Centre’s case management teams. Frauke further leads ICSID’s investor-State mediation activities, including the development of the ICSID Mediation Rules, amendments to ICSID’s conciliation frameworks, and ICSID’s recent Background Paper on Investment Mediation.