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Prof. Rolf Knieper


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ICSID Panel Designation

Designation/Role Designated By Designation Date
Designation/RoleArbitrator Designated ByGeorgia Designation Date04/02/2014 - 04/02/2020

Experience in ICSID Proceedings

Case Name Type Role (Appt'd by)
Case NameKaloti Metals & Logistics, LLC v. Republic of Peru (ICSID Case No. ARB/21/29) TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)Co-arbitrator (Resp.)
Case NameWorth Capital Holdings 27 LLC v. Republic of Peru (ICSID Case No. ARB/20/51) TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)Co-arbitrator (Resp.)
Case NameAlmasryia for Operating & Maintaining Touristic Construction Co. L.L.C. v. State of Kuwait (ICSID Case No. ARB/18/2) TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)Co-arbitrator (Resp.)
Case NameBig Sky Energy Corporation v. Republic of Kazakhstan (ICSID Case No. ARB/17/22) TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)Co-arbitrator (Cl.)
Case NameGilward Investments B.V. v. Ukraine (ICSID Case No. ARB/15/33) TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)Co-arbitrator (Resp.)
Case NameCyprus Popular Bank Public Co. Ltd. v. Hellenic Republic (ICSID Case No. ARB/14/16) TypeAnnulment Role (Appt'd by)President (Chairman)
Case NameTenaris S.A. and Talta - Trading e Marketing Sociedade Unipessoal Lda. v. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (ICSID Case No. ARB/12/23) TypeAnnulment Role (Appt'd by)Committee Member
Case NameTulip Real Estate and Development Netherlands B.V. v. Republic of Turkey (ICSID Case No. ARB/11/28) TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)Co-arbitrator (Resp.)
Case NameMamidoil Jetoil Greek Petroleum Products Societe Anonyme S.A. v. Republic of Albania (ICSID Case No. ARB/11/24) TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)President (Chairman)
Case NameFranck Charles Arif v. Republic of Moldova (ICSID Case No. ARB/11/23) TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)Co-arbitrator (Resp.)
Case NamePerenco Ecuador Limited v. Republic of Ecuador (ICSID Case No. ARB/08/6) TypeAnnulment Role (Appt'd by)Committee Member
Case NameAES Summit Generation Limited and AES-Tisza Er&oumlmü Kft. v. Hungary (ICSID Case No. ARB/07/22) TypeAnnulment Role (Appt'd by)Committee Member
Case NameBureau Veritas, Inspection, Valuation, Assessment and Control, BIVAC B.V. v. Republic of Paraguay (ICSID Case No. ARB/07/9) TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)President (Chairman)
Case NameTogo Electricité and GDF-Suez Energie Services v. Republic of Togo (ICSID Case No. ARB/06/7) TypeAnnulment Role (Appt'd by)Committee Member
Case NameCompagnie d'Exploitation du Chemin de Fer Transgabonais v. Gabonese Republic (ICSID Case No. ARB/04/5) TypeAnnulment Role (Appt'd by)Committee Member
Case NameEl Paso Energy International Company v. Argentine Republic (ICSID Case No. ARB/03/15) TypeAnnulment Role (Appt'd by)Committee Member
Case NameVictor Pey Casado and President Allende Foundation v. Republic of Chile (ICSID Case No. ARB/98/2) TypeAnnulment Role (Appt'd by)Committee Member


The information in this form has been provided by the relevant arbitrator/conciliator. Every effort is made to ensure it is accurate and current. However, persons relying on this information must conduct their own due diligence research.

Last Updated: September 21, 2021