Mr. J. William Rowley QC

Mr. J. William Rowley QC
  • 20 Essex Street,
    London WC2R 3AL
  • Nationality: British , Canadian
  • Work: +44 (0)20 7842 1200


  • English

ICSID Panel Designation

Designation/Role Designated By Designation Date
Designation/RoleArbitrator Designated ByMongolia Designation Date23/09/2004 - Present

Experience in ICSID Proceedings

Case Name Type Role (Appt'd by)
Case NameApotex Holdings Inc. and Apotex Inc. v. United States of America TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)Co-arbitrator (Cl.)
Case NameUniversal Compression International Holdings, S.L.U. v. Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)President (Chairman)
Case NameRSM Production Corporation and others v. Grenada TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)President (Chairman)
Case NameKilic Insaat Ithalat Ihracat Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi v. Turkmenistan TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)President (Chairman)
Case NameAES Summit Generation Limited and AES-Tisza Erömü Kft. v. Hungary TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)Co-arbitrator (Cl.)
Case NameFondel Metal Participations B.V. v. Republic of Azerbaijan TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)Co-arbitrator (Resp.)
Case NameAguaytia Energy, LLC v. Republic of Peru TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)Co-arbitrator (Cl.)
Case NameAres International S.r.l. and MetalGeo S.r.l. v. Georgia TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)President (parties)
Case NameCompañía de Aguas del Aconquija S.A. and Vivendi Universal S.A. v. Argentine Republic TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)President (Chairman)
Case NameUnión Fenosa Gas, S.A. v. Arab Republic of Egypt TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)Co-arbitrator (Cl.)
Case NameKornikom EOOD v. Republic of Serbia (ICSID Case No. ARB/19/12) TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)Co-arbitrator (Cl.)
Case NameNasib Hasanov v. Georgia (ICSID Case No. ARB/20/44) TypeArbitration Role (Appt'd by)Co-arbitrator (Resp.)


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Last Updated: February 18, 2021