Order ICSID Rules and Regulations Booklets

Order ICSID Rules and Regulations Booklets

The 2022 ICSID Rules and Regulations are currently available for pre-order in English, French, and Spanish, with shipping expected in December 2022. Please fill out the information below to reserve your order. An invoice and credit card payment link will be sent once the booklets are ready to ship. Shipping will be calculated based on the size and destination of the order and will be included in the invoice.

Packages, $30 per set

ICSID Convention, Regulations and Rules, ICSID Additional Facility Rules and Regulations, ICSID Mediation Rules and Regulations, ICSID Fact-Finding Rules and Regulations

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Booklets, $10 each

ICSID Convention, Regulations and Rules
ICSID Mediation Rules and Regulations
ICSID Additional Facility Rules and Regulations
ICSID Fact-Finding Rules and Regulations