​Washington, D.C., January 30, 2004. On December 30, 2003, the Tribunal adopted the procedures for non-disputing party participation set out in part B of the Statement of the NAFTA Free Trade Commission on such participation. The Tribunal adopted these procedures in line with the understanding of the disputing parties as set out in a letter of October 31, 2003 to the Tribunal from counsel for the Claimant. The Tribunal's decision on the procedures for non-disputing party participation is set forth below with links to the Free Trade Commission's Statement and the above-mentioned letter.

This case has been initiated under Chapter Eleven of the NAFTA and is governed by the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules. At the request of the parties and the tribunal, ICSID has accepted to administer the hearing.

The parties have agreed to make the hearing open to the public. The hearing will be broadcast live, as from Day 3, in Room I1-200, on the ground floor of the I Building of the World Bank. The I Building is located at 1850 I (Eye) Street, NW, Washington, DC. A picture ID will be required to access the area. Cameras and recording equipment are not allowed.

If you are planning to attend this hearing or part thereof, and wish to ensure priority seating, please fill out the pre-registration form and fax it to ICSID at (202) 522-2615 or (202) 522-2027.