​Under the ICSID Convention, the Secretary-General of the Centre is elected by the Administrative Council on the nomination of its Chairman, the President of the World Bank. The Convention provides for the Chairman to make the nomination after consulting the members of the Administrative Council.

In the past, the General Counsel of the World Bank was nominated and elected also to fill the position of ICSID Secretary-General. It has now been decided to separate the two positions, in view of the growing demands on both.

The ICSID Secretary-General position is described here. The World Bank has formed a search committee to find suitable candidates for the position. The search committee is chaired by Hasan A. Tuluy, Vice President, Human Resources, World Bank. The other members of the committee are Francisco Orrego Vicuña (Professor of Law, University of Chile), Antonio R. Parra (past Deputy Secretary-General, ICSID), Elizabeth Adu (Senior Adviser to the Managing Director, World Bank), Olufemi A. Elias (Executive Secretary, World Bank Administrative Tribunal), and Rachel Robbins (Vice President and General Counsel, International Finance Corporation).

The committee is being assisted by the search firm of Russell Reynolds and Associates and aims to complete the search and shortlisting process in September 2008. Persons interested in recommending names or applying for the position are invited to fax recommendations or applications by the 7th of September 2008 to:

The Program Manager
 Executive Search
 World Bank
 1818 H Street, N.W.
 Washington, D.C. 20433
 Fax: (202) 522-2958