June 6, 2023: ICSID is pleased to announce that it has entered into an Agreement on General Arrangements with the Lima Chamber of Commerce (Cámara de Comercio de Lima) (CCL). The agreement was signed on behalf of ICSID by Meg Kinnear, Secretary-General of ICSID, and on behalf of CCL by Marianella Ventura, Secretary-General of the National and International Arbitration Center of the Lima Chamber of Commerce, during a virtual ceremony.

The Agreement is based on Article 63 of the ICSID Convention and provides for the possibility of holding ICSID hearings at the National and International Arbitration Center of theSigning Lima Chamber of Commerce’s facilities, reinforcing ICSID's global presence and services. The Agreement also encourages knowledge sharing between ICSID and CCL related to arbitration, conciliation, mediation, and other methods of dispute resolution.

“ICSID’s Agreements on General Arrangements are an important means to expand our regional networks and enhance our services to clients,” said Ms. Kinnear. “They also mark a commitment to raising awareness of the importance of arbitration, conciliation, and mediation in resolving both commercial and investment disputes. I look forward to working with the CCL’s National and International Arbitration Center in advancing that mission.”

“CCL is proud to enter into this Agreement with ICSID, which is important because of the mutual benefits that will result for our institutions and clients” stated Ms. Ventura. “By agreeing to use our facilities and services when necessary for proceedings administered by either of our institutions, and to exchange information and knowledge regarding arbitration, mediation, and other types of dispute resolution, we are strengthening our institutional ties, promoting the adoption of best practices, as well as the internationalization of our institution.”