Compliance with and Enforcement of ICSID Awards

The purpose of this paper is to provide a comprehensive overview of the ICSID Convention’s regime governing compliance with, recognition, enforcement and execution of an ICSID Convention Award. The paper complements other Background Papers which have examined the functioning of the ICSID Convention, such as the Background Paper on Annulment. It responds to the interests of stakeholders in understanding what happens after an Award has been rendered and any post-award proceedings are concluded. The research includes a study of: (i) compliance with and enforcement of ICSID Awards with pecuniary obligations (Chapter II); and (ii) domestic decisions on recognition, enforcement and execution of ICSID Awards (Chapters VI and VII, Annexes A and B).

We encourage the public to share public domestic court decisions on the recognition, enforcement, and execution of ICSID awards. Please send these to