ICSID administers proceedings under the ICSID rules, as well as arbitration cases under other rules, such as the UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules and ad hoc investor-State and State-State cases. In addition to a wide-choice in rules, ICSID offers extensive case administration services. 

ICSID Convention Arbitration

The procedural rules for arbitration under the ICSID Convention may be used to settle disputes between an ICSID Contracting State—the term given to States that have ratified the ICSID Convention—and nationals of another Contracting State. The rules benefit from a robust enforcement mechanism, as Contracting States agree that an ICSID Convention award will be treated as a final judgement of their courts. 

ICSID Additional Facility Arbitration

The Additional Facility (AF) rules for arbitration are in most ways the same as those of the ICSID Convention, but have different jurisdictional requirements. They may be used between an ICSID Contracting State or its national, and a non-Contracting State or a national of a non-Contracting State. 

Arbitration Services under UNCITRAL and Other Non-ICSID Rules

The services rendered by the Centre in cases governed by the UNCITRAL or other rules may range from limited assistance with the organization of hearings and management of the case finances to full secretariat services in the administration of the case concerned. Parties and Tribunals are free to elect the extent of the services desired.