Administrative and Financial Regulations

The Administrative and Financial Regulations complement the ICSID Convention, and the rules governing institution of cases, arbitration, and conciliation. They address:

These regulations apply to ICSID Convention arbitrations and conciliations, in particular Administrative and Financial Regulations 14-1622-31, and 34(1).

These regulations also apply, mutatis mutandis, to fact-finding, arbitration, and conciliation under the ICSID Additional Facility (Article 5) of the Additional Facility Rules).

The Administrative and Financial Regulations were amended on April 30, 1970, September 27, 1973 and February 28, 1975. The 1975 version is found in the ICSID Regulations and Rules (1975). These Regulations were subsequently amended in 1984, (ICSID Basic Documents (1984)), in 2003 (ICSID Convention Rules and Regulations (2003)) and in 2006 (ICSID Convention, Rules and Regulations (2006)).

The original ICSID Additional Facility Rules had stand-alone Administrative and Financial Rules (Additional Facility). However, these stand-alone rules were merged with the ICSID Convention Administrative and Financial Regulations in 2003.