Claims for Fees and Expenses

Arbitrators, conciliators and ad hoc Committee members in ICSID cases are entitled to receive fees, travel and other expense reimbursements and per diem allowances (Administrative and Financial Regulation 14(1)).
The entitlements consist of:
  • a fee of US$3,000 per day of meetings or other work performed in connection with the proceedings (corresponding to US$375 per hour); 
  • reimbursement of any expenses reasonably incurred in connection with travel (e.g., hotel, airfare, taxi to and from the airport and in-city transportation) and otherwise (e.g., photocopies, telephone and courier charges); and
  • per diem allowance for days of travel and each night spent away from home in connection with a meeting or hearing. The allowance covers expenses such as meals, tips and valet. 

The Memorandum on the Fees and Expenses of ICSID Arbitrators explains the expense entitlements and how they are calculated. The fee entitlement is contained in the Schedule of Fees.

The fees and expenses may not exceed the amounts in the Memorandum and Schedule of Fees. A request for a higher amount, due to special circumstances, must be made through the Secretary-General and must be approved by the disputing parties (Administrative and Financial  Regulation 14 (1)).

A Claim for Fees and Expenses form should be submitted to ICSID on a quarterly basis or more frequently. Regular billing is important to ensure an accurate state of the finances. The Secretariat has prepared general instructions to assist arbitrators, conciliators and ad hoc Committee members to complete and submit a claim form.

The ICSID Secretariat pays claims promptly upon their receipt as long as there are funds in the case account. Payment is made by wire transfer to a designated bank account.

The Centre periodically asks parties to the proceeding to make advance payments to cover the costs of the proceeding (Administrative and Financial  Regulation 14(3)). The advance payments are estimated in consultation with the President of the Tribunal, Commission or ad hoc Committee, taking into account the likely costs in the next three to six months. Detailed interim financial statements are provided with every request for advances and may be provided to the parties or the Tribunal, Commission or ad hoc Committee upon request at any time. ICSID sends a financial statement to the parties at the end of the proceeding, which includes a breakdown of the fees and expenses of each arbitrator, conciliator or Committee member.