Room A (Paris)



New Features:

1.      New wireless  digital infra-red (IR) microphone system (push-to-talk)

2.      New wireless  digital IR Simultaneous Interpretation (SI )system (4-SI channels plus floor)

3.      New SI booths (one of the new SI booth is ADA-compliant so wheel chairs can be rolled-in)

4.      New configurable projection system (can project one large image, two side-by-side images (from different sources) or picture-in-picture mode)

5.      New LED lighting throughout the room

6.      New full HD cameras (x5)

7.      New Web-streaming capabilities (x2 channels)

8.      New Cisco VC capabilities

9.      New full HD recording capabilities

10.   New audio recording capabilities

11.   New audio PA system

12.   New A/V overflow capabilities to include: Room B, C, Mission Room I, and Room A Lobby



Room Properties 

17.9m x 9.5m / 58.7’ x 31.2’ 
-Seating Capacity: 108 (47 at the table)
Adjoined food services area
Services & Equipment Options

-Simultaneous Interpretation (up to 5 languages)
Sound Amplification
Video Playback
Video and Audio conferencing
-Video and Audio Recording
Powerpoint Presentation (User PC)
Digital Projector
Live streaming to overflow room