Latest issue of the ICSID Review (Vol. 32(1))

Icsid rev2.jpg​The ICSID Review - Foreign Investment Law Journal is the world's leading independent peer-reviewed journal specializing in international investment law and dispute resolution.

The most recent issue of the ICSID Review contains a lecture by Sir Michael Wood on applying 'Lessons from inter-State Cases' when choosing between arbitration and a permanent court for investment disputes, along with several articles, a note and a document.

The articles cover, among other topics, abuse of process in international arbitration, the status of investor-State dispute settlement and the EU's proposal for an international investment court system, and explore the TPP and investment protection under successive treaties. A proposal for the creation of an International Centre for the Financial Safeguard of States by the CEDIN State Insolvency Working Group is reprinted for reader reference. The full table of contents is available here.

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