Procedural Calendar - Additional Facility Arbitration
The procedural calendar sets out the schedule for written submissions and oral hearings at the outset of a case. Fixing dates early increases predictability and expedites the proceedings. If a party cannot comply with a time limit established in the calendar, it may request that the Tribunal extend that time limit (Article 33 of the Arbitration (Additional Facility) Rules).
A procedural calendar may envisage various scenarios. This may depend on whether a party has raised jurisdictional objections and whether such objections will be heard as preliminary questions (see bifurcation) or with the merits of the dispute (Article 45(5) of the Arbitration (Additional Facility) Rules). The calendar may include alternative scenarios and may anticipate different procedures, such as requests for production of documents.
Examples of scenarios include:
Filings without Jurisdictional Objections3.3.6.1-Chart1-Procedural-Calendar-LP.png

Filings with Jurisdictional Objections